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What is E-Filing or Electronic Filing?

When the tax preparer completes the preparation of your tax return, the information is filed directly with the IRS via the internet. The return is accepted by the IRS in hours. If mailed in, it can take up to eight weeks for the return to be processed by the IRS. By E-Filing with direct deposit, you can normally get your refund in days instead of several weeks. You will receive a hard copy of your tax return for your records in the traditional format. The form 8879 is signed by the taxpayer. The IRS will acknowledge receipt of your return so that you know it has been filed on time.

The Denver tax experts at Bloch, Rothman and Associates have been filing returns electronically since 1996. It is free to you. We do not charge additionally for this service. E-Filing is the best method to use to file your tax return for many reasons. In most circumstances, the client will get their refund in 5 – 10 days and the client has the peace of mind of knowing that their return was filed and processed accurately. We get electronic proof of when a return is E-filed. Occasionally, the IRS will not accept the return and will inform us of the problem (often a social security number mismatch). When E-Filing, our accountants in Denver get this information within hours and can then adjust the return and file it again right away. This can take months with a paper filed return. E-Filing can help avoid many problems down the road. Please give the Denver accountants at Bloch, Rothman a call about E-Filing your tax return.

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