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How to Get out of Credit Card Debt

By Richard M. Rothman, E.A.

One of the biggest problems that many Americans face today is how to get out of credit card debt. Most people we know have it and for most people, it continues to grow. The only way to keep it from growing is to pay it back and to do this requires a plan. The beginning of this plan will consist of a budget. This is where you will put together all of your bills that must be paid on a monthly basis and find out what that minimum amounts you need to live on. When arriving at these amounts don't forget to budget for entertainment, clothing and personal items like haircuts, insurance, and taxes. After you arrive at this figure, compare it with the amount of money that you bring home monthly. Hopefully, the inflow amount will be higher then the outflow. If not, you will have to find some way to lower your monthly expenditures or get a second job.

The next step is to set a budget including how much credit card debt will be additionally paid each month. From this information you can then figure out how long it will take at this pace to pay back the debt. The next part is really the hardest and that is to execute the plan. By keeping to your plan, you will eventually get out of your credit card debt.

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