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Benefits of Professional Bookkeeping from a Denver Accountant

September 13, 2017

Starting and owning a business often comes with multiple headaches and unprecedented stress from a number of variable factors. Ensuring you hire the correct people, surrounding yourself with a knowledgeable staff and good working environment is key.

Following the staffing of a business an owner/operator must also then ensure the company remains profitable while providing quality services or work, depending on the company type. Then comes paperwork and deadlines for payroll taxes, property taxes, licensing fees, and a number of other requirements in addition to focusing on production.

Often the task can be overwhelming, especially in the beginning and can lead to failure or a loss of funding due to mistakes and a need to spend when original record keeping and set deadlines could have avoided these mistakes.

Hiring a professional bookkeeping service can help alleviate these issues. In addition, having someone in your financial corner from the beginning can benefit both a company and the owner(s) in a variety of ways.

Seamless Tax Preparation

A lot of financial records need to be readily available for tax purposes. Instead of having to take precious time away from the business in order to gather all of the required information for complete tax preparation, the professional bookkeeping service provides a more streamlined transition.

By keeping accurate records throughout the duration of the year, especially if it transpires with inception of the company, all required information for tax purposes can be quickly acquired, and then figures can be appropriately applied where needed.

Fluid Record Keeping

Using one individual or group to keep the records ensures all entries made are similar and recalling where monies were spent or used when needed becomes easier. Instead of having to decipher the work of another person, or your own transcriptions and paperwork when not accurately kept, a professional bookkeeping service can always immediately decipher what entries were keyed in, when and why for any occasion.

Financial Advice

Further, having someone who can assist when needing information on the tax implications of a business adjustment while keeping track of all business related expenses and fixed assets is extremely important.

Immediate access to financial advice as opposed to searching for the answer or someone who can provide specific tax advice or financial determination is priceless.


Allowing someone else the responsibility gives the business owner time to focus on the other things important to maintaining a successful business. By not having to worry with constant tax payments, paperwork, bank statements, and the like productivity, procedures, and in turn, more profits become the focus. Read more about how having your focus can help and other benefits of professional accounting services.

Cost Effective

When needing tax advice, payroll, or an audit the price can increase significantly over time. Ensuring all of the company's records are kept in one place, by one organization can drastically reduce the amount of time spent either preparing a tax return, ledger list, or anything else needed from the business owner.

In turn, while paying for professional services may initially seem to be an unnecessary expense, it quickly pays for itself in no time for the above reasons in addition to the reduced stress level when someone else is taking care of the finances for you.

The experts at Bloch, Rothman, and Associates can answer any questions regarding individual or business income taxes and assist with a variety of bookkeeping options. A full detailed review of your tax situation can be completed in addition to resolution issues and estate compilations. All services will be completed in a timely manner, depending on your restrictions and possible tax deadlines. Whether you need a simple explanation on a random tax form or are in need of a variety of other services our tax experts are ready and willing to assist. Call 303-321-7160 or contact us for your initial free no obligation consultation.