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Form 8879 Details From A Denver Tax Specialist

April 18, 2018

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall - the four seasons that regardless of where you live, most enjoy throughout the year but the fact is many other seasons exist as the calendar continues to turn and time passes. For example, some enjoy football season, hunting seasons, or you may be involved in a particular type of show season but for every American, tax season has become a common time of the year for which everyone has developed an opinion.

Depending on your most current and particular tax status or the monetary implications of an individual year, tax season can be a welcome sign of a potential windfall refund or a dreaded period for which you will pay the government monies owed from business or personal dealings occuring during the prior calendar year.

Filing should, and often warrants the assistance of a professional and it is best to entrust the services of someone trained in tax preparation for completion of your individual or business income taxes. These experts can often help to alleviate any fears associated with filing and ensure an immediately accepted return, all while making certain your return is completed accurately. This also helps to decrease the potential for any ramifications from mistakenly filing an inappropriate or unaccepted return.

When deciding to use a professional service and choosing to electronically file the return, Form 8879 is required to be signed by the individual or couple responsible for the filing. This one-page form allows the Electronic Return Originator (ERO) to file the completed return on behalf of the taxpayer electronically to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and more often than not, the states associated within a given return.

This electronic filing method is the quickest way to ensure the IRS receives the information they need to process the return and get any potential refunds started. By choosing to electronically file, both the preparer and client receive notification of a return being accepted and can then track the process through completion without being unaware of the current status, which can occur if a return is paper filed.

Depending on the settings chosen by the provider elected to file the return a client’s bank account information may be printed on the 8879 for verification and identity purposes. These forms are not submitted to the IRS, unless requested, but instead are kept by the preparer for a minimum of three years.

The tax preparation and accounting experts at Bloch, Rothman, and Associates will be pleased to assist you in filing a return with in depth explanations for any of the questions you may have in addition to tracking all expected refunds at both the state and federal levels. While known for providing expert tax advice and assistance, they can also help with a variety of accounting, bookkeeping and payroll options on an individual or business level. Whether you need an explanation for a random tax form - such as the 8879, are potentially in need of appropriate representation in tax court, or could use help in potentially a variety of other various services our tax experts are ready and willing to assist. Call 303-321-7160 or contact us for your initial free no obligation consultation.