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Denver Tax Specialist On Internal Revenue Service Contacts

May 16, 2018

Taxes themselves are enough to make even the average lawful American citizen a little bit nervous. While a majority of the people who are submitting their income tax forms annually do so with good intention and no known falsification, there are a number who attempt to cheat the system for their benefit.

For this reason, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is always looking for any criminal action or even unintentional mistakes on every single tax return. For over the almost 300 million people submitting tax returns every year, this can be a daunting task but should those reviewers find a discrepancy how will they contact you?

Unless you have previously made an attempt to communicate with a division of the IRS via phone call, leaving your name and number - the employees associated with the IRS will not initially contact you by phone and never demand an immediate payment. Instead, expect to receive a form letter in the mail addressed to how you would fill out a tax form and to the address associated with your respective account.

These letters are likely to address a variety of different circumstances but understand that without a proper attempt by yourself to reach someone via a phone call, the IRS will not phone with any inquiry regarding a past or present tax issue, avoid the tax phone scam.

Another relevant issue with this same incentive revolves around specific identification protection and privacy credentials. Do not fall victim to a fraudulent scam via someone attempting to extort funds from you via a phone call by someone impersonating the United States government or IRS.

Often these type of attempts prey on the elderly or those who have had some type of tax issue in the past. Always notify a professional or the IRS themselves should you receive such a phone call so that attempts can be made at correcting any potential issue and notification can be sent to a targeted area in order to clear the air amid a potentially defunct situation.

If you have received an official IRS notification via mail, then the accounting experts at Bloch, Rothman, and Associates will be pleased to assist you in determining your best possible course of action. In addition, their office can aid in filing a return or planning for future needs, including providing estimated payments. Our associates can help ensure that you not only receive the best refund possible but also are aware of the implications your type of earnings may have on a return. Further, they are willing and ready to assist in filing via the method most specific to your individual tax situation. Known for providing expert tax advice and assistance, the professional staff at Bloch, Rothman, and Associates can also help with a variety of accounting, bookkeeping and payroll options on an individual or business level. Whether you need an explanation for a random tax form, are potentially in need of appropriate representation in tax court, or could use help in potentially a variety of other various services our tax experts are ready and willing to assist. Call 303-321-7160 or contact us for your initial free no obligation consultation.