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Denver Accounting Firm Reveals Bookkeeper Program Options

October 10, 2018

Keeping up with invoices, bills, payments, checks, accounts, and payroll can be an overwhelming task for any business owner, especially first-time entrepreneurs. Organizing the paperwork for implementing this process and administering all of the necessary applications for sufficient and accurate execution are vital to the bookkeeping process and a necessary building block for a business to be successful.

Electing to provide the individual responsible for this measure a program for assistance can help to alleviate any issues which may arise in the future. This service may also be distributed to a third-party for completion or executed by the hired individual and then correlated by the professional service before completion of the tax return.

Each of the following programs offer differing pros and cons for bookkeeping purposes and can be used to help simplify the overall process. 


There are multiple benefits of having Quickbooks, including ease of use and a wide array of different applications. Probably the most widely accepted and used program, Quickbooks has a storied history of satisfied customers and clients. 


Freshbooks is similar to Quickbooks, offering the same type of options for business owners. Known for their ease of invoicing and tracking payments from multiple clients, recurring and one-time, the Freshbooks program holds an advantage for small business owners who have multiple invoices to keep up.


Another bookkeeping program offering assistance to individuals, Xero is better designed for Mac users. This program operates using the cloud, storing information and allowing individuals to access their information remotely from any location with wifi access.

Zoho Books

One of the best accounting software programs for micro businesses, Zoho Books has a competitive price point while offering similar services as their counterparts. The low price with a useful but stripped down version of bookkeeping makes this program a solid choice for many business owners.

Wave Accounting

A free option which may be suitable for your business depending on the type and use, Wave Accounting is an online program with payment options. Many of the useful tools are offered free of charge with fees applied depending on the extent to which the application is used.

The accounting and tax experts at Bloch, Rothman, and Associates are ready to assist you with determining which program would be best suited for your business or to take over your bookkeeping needs completely. Our highly trained associates can help ensure that you not only receive the best service possible but also end up with a tool that is going to be useful both at the point of necessity and when comparing entries and pulling data for tax purposes. Known for providing expert advice and financial assistance, the professional staff at Bloch, Rothman, and Associates can also help with a variety of other accounting, tax, and payroll options on an individual or business level. Whether you need an explanation for a random tax form, are potentially in need of appropriate representation in tax court, or could use help in any other tax area our staff is ready and willing to assist. Call 303-321-7160 or contact us for your initial free no obligation consultation.