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Denver Accounting Firm: Initial Questions to Ask

December 3, 2019

No matter the circumstances surrounding your current situation - a recent move, bad prior experiences, business development, tax issues, or anything else - finding and using the services of a reputable professional for your accounting and tax needs is critically important. Essentially you are going to entrust these individuals with what will be considered private and confidential information regarding your personal or business finances, making the selection process an important factor when searching for new services.

While proximity or personal referrals may come into play when determining if you need an accountant, considering a few other important factors can also help to sift through the multitude of available options in an effort to essentially find someone who you feel comfortable working with into the future. Should you find yourself in this situation, then consider the following tips and advice for ensuring you land someone who not only has your best interest in mind, but can accurately and effectively manage all of your needs.

Background Information

Asking for references, degrees earned, professional licences, and other pertinent information related to the training and past experiences of your tax and accounting professional should be welcomed (and readily available) by the party in question.

Relevant Experience

Firms employing multiple individuals in a variety of different fields are more likely to have someone on staff who has handled a situation similar to the one you have in question. Asking for similar cases and the end result of an experience should also be welcomed by your firm.

Individual Accountability

Establishing a personal relationship and knowing who exactly will be handling your accounts can play a large role in creating a solid rapport for all of your financial needs. 


Hand-in-hand with understanding individual accountability, knowing the importance of communication and the process for reporting information from all involved parties is another especially important aspect of the accounting process.


One of the obvious factors which will influence if an individual or firm will be hired is the application of their fees for provided services. Before you move forward with a new firm, asking and fully understanding any associated pricing mechanisms should be a priority.

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