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Denver Tax Return Coronavirus Extension Impacts and Answers

May 6, 2020

The coronavirus creating a global pandemic has resulted in numerous changes for Americans across the country. From work or a personal standpoint the impacts have been unexpected and in some cases - extremely devastating. In an effort to ease the resulting economic burden, federal stimulus packages have been issued and changes made to the ongoing tax season - which has been extended.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) operations during COVID-19 continue as individuals are requested to file their returns - especially if a refund is expected. Many people were originally on pace for an expected filing prior to the well known April 15 deadline but the coronavirus has significantly impacted businesses and travel. While some accounting and tax offices remain open, there is no doubt the 2020 filing season has been unlike any of its predecessors.

Filing Date
April 15 is a noticeable date for many individuals. Typically, always the date taxes and payments are due for the preceding filing period, the coronavirus impact caused federal authorities to extend the initial filing period. Now scheduled for July 15, federal taxes and payments can be submitted until this point without penalty. 

State Requirements
While a majority of states also extended their filing periods to match the federal program, some remain different. Individuals should check with their corresponding state authorities in order to determine exactly what the requirements are for their individual and business returns.

Payment Dues
In similar fashion, all federal payments have been granted the initial three month extension but state requirements may differ. For example, Colorado state income tax interest payments have been waived from the original date until the new July 15 deadline.

For federal filings, every individual is automatically granted this initial extension until the new July 15 deadline without having to submit any forms or paperwork. If a formal tax extension is needed then the request must be filed prior to the new deadline and extends the period for three additional months - October 15. Remember, this is only an extension to file and any monies owed must be submitted prior to the July due date.

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