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Denver Accountant: Budget Fundamentals

October 16, 2020

Creating a budget may initially feel like a daunting task but whether you are running a business or a household, it can be one of the most useful tools to assist in tracking and helping plan your finances. Once established, monitoring your money becomes relatively easy, in addition to setting aside funds for emergencies, wish list items, and necessary expenditures. Not only can a budget give individuals a sense of control but it also provides a first-hand look at exactly where potential savings can be made in order to ensure that you are getting the most out of your revenue or paycheck.

A majority of Americans with credit cards have debt and although there may be legitimate reasons behind having to purchase items in this manner, a budget can also help to begin the process of lowering your bills and earning back some spending power. There are a variety of plans for paying down debt, but none can be executed properly without establishing a baseline via some type of financial monitoring tool. Following are a few key factors which can help to build a helpful budget and assist with getting a grip on your spending and financial situation today.  


Spending over the amount that you routinely bring in is where debt begins. By starting with your income, be it monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly, individuals can create a starting figure to begin. Typically, no matter the manner in which you are paid, working with monthly numbers is best as most bills have to be paid on this schedule.


Once a starting figure for the money which will be earned during a month is revealed, then a goal should be set. Every situation is going to be different so what would you like the end result to be in your scenario? This is the goal - from having extra spending money, paying credit card bills, putting more toward the principal on a home, preparing an emergency fund, and everything in between - it is here where the bottom line should be established in monitoring the spending and in what manner it is to be executed.


There are plenty of paid and free budgeting tools available for consumers. Study the ins and outs of each and select one which best fits your current goals and financial situation. These can help track your spending and ensure that you are staying on the right path to success.


After an extended length of time which has yielded some form of results, taking a look back and making adjustments where necessary is warranted. Perhaps money can be taken from one area and be better spent elsewhere or not enough was initially slated for some expense. Nothing should be too rigid, except for not exceeding the amount of money which will be brought in over the set time period.

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