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Denver Accountant Assists Those Who Owe the IRS

December 22, 2020

Finding out that you owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) money can be a startling revelation. Whether the result of too little tax paid within a given year, owing back taxes, or any other reason, having someone on your side that has experience dealing with IRS can be extremely helpful. Not only may they already have an established rapport with someone on the other side but past interactions, outcomes, and negotiations with individuals at the IRS may also help in your situation.

People fall behind on their taxes for a variety of different reasons but fortunately, there are steps which can be made in order to help individuals regain control of their financial situation. In the event that you owe any amount to the IRS, there are steps to take in order to help resolve the situation.  


The IRS mails notification letters to individuals who owe money, so any phone calls (unless arranged ahead of time between both parties) are typically scams. However, should you receive a letter, examine it closely to see what amount is being addressed and the reasoning. If unclear, providing a copy to your tax professional is a great first step in the process. Establishing an open line of communication, instead of ignoring the notice, is good practice and can help move the entire process along.


Once you understand where the resulting amount is derived from then steps can be made to ensure the figures have been calculated correctly. Remember, the IRS can be prone to occasional mistakes, so verifying the amount is legitimate should be of importance to you.


After you have verified the amount owed, establishing a plan for repayment is next. First, taxpayers should contribute any amount they can muster as soon as possible. Not only will paying quickly help to eliminate fees or added interest, but it also displays a willingness to pay what is owed. Sometimes, correspondence may also be issued in order to abate some of the associated penalties.


There are also payment plans, garnishments, and other measures which may be levied in order to assist individuals in repayment. If it is determined that the amount is not collectable at the time of notice, the IRS may even pause collection proceedings until a later date but open communication throughout the process is key to receiving assistance.

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