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Denver Tax Return - Midseason Report

May 13, 2021

It’s hard to believe the initial tax filing season is already more than halfway over. Every year, individuals across the country get together all of the required paperwork in order to submit their tax returns and depending on if you are generally expecting a return or owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), this can be a stressful time for many individuals, including tax preparers.

The IRS opened its 2020 season for individual filers on January 27 this year and everyone has until April 15 in order to submit either a completed return or extension. In addition, any amended returns from previous years must also be completed provided they fall into the appropriate range and qualify with an intended purpose for the amendment.


Given the IRS began accepting returns with just five days remaining in January, the tax season is 80 days long this year. Some upcoming important dates on the filing calendar include not only the April 15 deadline but also October 15. Provided an extension is filed by the original deadline, taxpayers are given an extra six months in order to file their return for the preceding year. However, this does not indicate an extension in time to submit a payment. If you suspect owing money then this amount must be turned in along with the extension before the middle of April.

Refund Tracking

With nearly half of the filing season complete, the average return for taxpayers has been about $3,100 this year. Due to many individuals hoping to gather a refund and putting this money to another use, most people elect to file within the initial period. As the season progresses, refund amounts have increased. Typically, most people can expect their refund to be returned within at least three weeks of the filing date. If you haven’t received it by this point, then there are other measures which can help to ease your mind. A “Where’s My Refund?” tool is available to individuals on the IRS website for tracking purposes but taxpayers must have their social security number, filing status, and exact amount to be returned in order to receive help.

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