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Denver Tax Resolution Services Offer Solutions

May 21, 2021

Receiving mail from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be a disheartening experience even before you may know what it entails. However, if you suspect there has been some issue regarding tax payments either recently or in the past, you can be certain it will be addressed at some point. Even as the IRS deals with a tremendous backlog of returns, the scrutiny of individuals' filings should always be expected and any red flags will be addressed in due time.

If you become the subject of an audit or are simply facing a tax bill which seems insurmountable, there are services available to assist. Getting the correct information processed and dealing with professionals can really help to eliminate much of the stress associated with your particular situation. Fear of legal prosecution always heightens the angst of a tax predicament but fewer people are going to jail due to tax related issues. If you have received notice of some action related to your return, other tax situation, or wish to make an attempt prior to being discovered then seeking a resolution service may be beneficial.


An initial review of your situation and any correspondence from the IRS can help both parties as a plan of action is implemented to resolve the issues. This also can aid individuals as they learn about what potential penalties may be associated with their errors and how exactly utilizing a professional service will benefit them.


Communicating with the IRS can be an extremely time consuming process. From letter exchanges to phone contacts and wait times, the average individual typically doesn’t want to deal with all of this hassle. In addition, most people have never dealt with the IRS so having someone in your corner with experience and expertise can really help to even the playing field.


Developing a plan of action in order to remedy any issues with the least possible legal impact is obviously the goal. By creating a guide for the upcoming course of action, many individuals immediately breathe a sigh of relief knowing that steps are now going to be made in the right direction.


Execution of the plan will put you back on a path to financial stability. From securing payment delays, payment plans, or an offer in compromise, moving forward and addressing the tax matters are usually best for all involved parties. 

If you are in need of tax resolution services or filing assistance for your personal or business return then let the tax and accounting experts at Bloch Rothman and Associates assist you or your business today. They can take care of multiple issues dealing with paying or owing back taxes, required audits from other entities besides the IRS, or any other personal or corporate wealth management issues. Along with providing a quality tax service, our group can also complete tax returns or answer any other factors associated with financial issues or concerns you may have.

Serving in Denver and all of the surrounding areas for 35 years, our firm has an extensive history in helping clients with any and all of their tax issues or dealings with the Internal Revenue Service. If you have questions about your personal, business, estate or any other filings, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Available for all of your tax needs and filings, there are also a number of bookkeeping and payroll services offered to assist you and your business. We look forward to meeting you and serving whatever your needs may be soon!