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Denver Tax Return: Paper Filing Scenarios Explained

June 2, 2021

For a vast majority of individuals, e-filing a tax return is the easiest, safest, and quickest way possible to submit your information. Not only do you eliminate potential processing delays associated with the postal service but you also know almost immediately whether or not your tax return has been accepted. This is not only the preferred method for filing services but also the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), however, there are certain situations which warrant submitting a paper return.

An abundance of paper returns recently filed swamped the IRS and has some current refunds taking a long time this year. The office closures associated with the coronavirus are mostly to blame but in certain situations, taxpayers have no choice but to file a paper return. In each of these scenarios, the return must be printed, signed, and mailed accordingly.

Amended Return

There are a number of different reasons individuals may file an amended return but no matter the cause, it must be paper filed. If you missed a potential credit, are correcting an error, or for any other reason, the change after an initial submission must be entered in paper form.

E-File Shutdown

Each year the IRS shuts down their e-filing system in order to prepare for the upcoming tax season. While this typically occurs when individuals are no longer submitting returns, if you can’t wait for the filing window to reopen, then a paper return could be mailed. Remember, this typically would only apply to those individuals who missed a deadline because any amendments must already be paper filed.

Electronic Rejection

In the event that your tax return is continually rejected by the e-filing system, a paper return should be submitted. This helps to validate that a return was filed on your behalf and potentially reveal any reasoning associated with the inability to file electronically. Just remember, filing a paper return can be significantly delayed when compared with submitting returns electronically.

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