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Denver Accounting Firm Initial Payroll Setup Ideas

Starting a business can be an exciting time but hiring employees can come with a few different obstacles. Not only is ensuring you are getting quality and reliable people ready to represent your brand important but once you take on employees there are also other requirements to complete. Reporting new hires is commonplace for many businesses but setting up payroll and determining a rate of pay fitting of the current budget is often a tricky task.

In addition, numerous other questions must be answered once a payroll process is initiated. The payroll issues which could arise will not only take away time from expanding your business but also can be difficult to remedy due to the nature of the information being discussed. For this reason, many companies outsource their payroll responsibilities, to circumvent any such occurrences.

Pay Type

One of the first questions to answer when considering adding employees is whether or not these individuals will be paid hourly or on salary. While some jobs are also commission-based, how employees will earn their money is ultimately going to determine how their time is spent. Those on salary may accrue PTO (paid time off), while hourly employees will simply be paid for their time spent on the job.

Pay Rate

Next, the rate of pay becomes integral to the payroll process. Not only is this important for the employees but it will also determine how often time records need to be reported, in addition to the number of payrolls processed and checks distributed. The most common frequencies are once a month, every two weeks, or at the end of every week. 

Payroll Taxes

Certain forms are required for employees to complete to determine tax withholdings based on their pay. In addition, these set the limits as the individual(s) completing payroll will need to know exactly how much tax should be taken from an employee’s check and also paid/reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Payroll software programs can help to calculate these figures but timely payments and yearly W-2 or 1099 forms are the responsibility of business owners.

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