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Denver Accounting Firm: Child Tax Credit Questions Answered

February 14, 2022

Numerous families across the country didn’t get extra funds added into their accounts this month as the calendar turned to a new year. The Child Tax Credit, restructured as part of the ‘Build Back Better’ plan instituted at the federal level, utilized a new concept in an effort to give families more immediate money in their pockets. Instead of having to wait and claim dependents when filing their tax return, a majority of individuals and couples elected to receive a portion of this money earlier than anticipated.

Advance child tax credit payments were paid in the amounts of $300 and $250 each month, for six months, depending on age and number of qualifying children. Those who were eligible to claim kids under 6 years of age received the larger amount for each and the credit continued for all claimed dependents until age 17 for this past tax year. However, these payments were not dispersed in January as they have been temporarily discontinued.

Discontinued Credit

The payments were originally set up for eligible individuals to receive the credits for their children in advance, after initially raising the qualifying total amounts. Half of these funds were distributed up front, while the remaining balance is still eligible for receipt.

Not So Fast

While the lack of additional money in your account may have been a shock in January, there remains funding available and eligible individuals should be able to claim these amounts when filing their taxes for the preceding year.

Tax Filing

Due to the raise in credit, half of the funds were pre-distributed prior to tax filing in an effort to offer immediate assistance to those with qualifying dependents. Fortunately, the remaining balance will be distributed when taxes are filed. Recipients should receive notice of the amounts already issued, paving the way for the application of their remaining credit on any filed taxes. For example, if you’re married and have an eight year old child, one-half of the total credit ($3,000 / 2 = $1,500 … $1,500 / 6 = $250.00 per month) was paid in advance using the installments and the remaining half (the other $1,500) can now be claimed on your tax return.

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