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Denver Accountant vs. Bookkeeper: Two Key Roles For Small Business

Running your own business can be an especially rewarding experience but keeping everything functioning in the black will make or break a company. Regardless of the type of services or products being offered, understanding how to effectively and efficiently manage their output is critical to success. These intricacies are not only especially important but they also can have a tremendous impact on the businesses bottom line, making finances a key component and measurable success criteria for any business.

There are numerous benefits to outsourcing bookkeeping operations and accounting services in order to help your business. Often the entrepreneur has ideas and expertise in other areas while attempting to also learn these financial methods to assist. However, there are options available offering professional assistance and while it may seem difficult to give up some control, the outcome may keep your business in operation instead of fighting to stay relevant. Understanding these benefits along with differences between bookkeeping and accounting roles can help owners make the best decision for their business.


Accounting practices are especially important, and while these individuals may not be financial advisors, they can offer insight and projections based on findings relevant to current production. Being able to analyze financial figures and offer suggestions, especially as an independent third-party, can be especially helpful for business owners.


The bookkeeper is responsible for entering all figures associated with the finances into the program of choice. In addition, these individuals typically assist with payroll and other clerical duties but aren’t involved in the analysis or projections associated with the income, expenses, or operational budgets. 


Outsourcing one or both of these tasks to an independent party can provide business owners with a unique perspective to their finances while also freeing up any time and effort which was previously spent on these tasks. 

One Role

As an owner, choosing the best path forward for your company is critical to success and it may be that only one of these two extremely important roles should be provided to an outside organization. If so, it is usually the accounting practices which see a departure prior to any bookkeeping aspects.

Two Roles

However, there are accounting services which also offer bookkeeping roles and putting all of these services under one roof can also aid in providing quick and efficient financial reports when needed.

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