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Denver Tax Return: Mid-Year Reminders

It’s hard to believe but 2022 is already more than halfway over. Before too long, temperatures will begin to cool as fall arrives and then the holiday season takes over. As the calendar flips, tax season will almost immediately be in full swing as individuals begin getting their affairs in order for another return filing. However, before it sneaks up on you, there are plenty of steps people can take in order to get a head start on their return for next year.

Processing over 260 million Federal tax returns last year, the Internal Revenue Service works to resolve each in a timely manner. By getting ahead of the game, individuals can also be prepared when the time comes to begin filing and may even be able to make mid-year adjustments which could help either increase a refund or reduce any amount owed. While each individual's scenario is different, there are a few mid-year tips for all to consider.    

Review Withholdings

Depending on your prior year results, if there has been no change to your income, then a review of your withholdings may not be necessary. However, if you weren’t having enough tax withheld and ended up owing tax, making a change mid-year can assist in this area. In addition, if you’ve received a pay increase or cut, the new taxable amount could warrant making an adjustment in order to ensure there are no surprises when it comes time to file.

Required Minimum Distribution Check

Depending on your age and when you were born, certain retirement plans may require you to begin taking distributions during the year. If so, ensuring the amounts are correct - since they change annually - is important, in addition to making any necessary adjustments. While these distributions are required, taking a look at any voluntary withdrawals midyear can also assist in planning for the next tax season.

Check Your Status

Marriage, divorce, death, and certain other life events can all have an impact on your filing status from one year to the next. If the first half of this year has resulted in any of the above, then your next tax return may be filed under a different status than the last. Understanding how this could have an impact on your return and other factors throughout the remainder of the year is important and helpful information to review before tax time.

Review Current Tax Return

If an extension was filed back in the spring, then reviewing your return preparation and ensuring everything is in line prior to the October deadline is extremely important. In the event your return was filed, then reviewing it for any potential changes that have taken place in the given year can be a wise move in order to prepare for filing the next return. 

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