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Denver Tax Topics: The IRS Collection Process—Step 1

Denver Tax Topics: IRS Collections—Step 1 in the Collection Process

April 15, 2013 may very well have come and gone, but if you are involved in a tax collection situation, you certainly haven't forgot about your taxes or the Internal Revenue Service. At Bloch Rothman & Associates, your Denver Accountant, we are here to help guide you through the often times confusing and misunderstood IRS collection process. 

We want to take this time to share a series of Denver tax topics, our first series featuring steps in the IRS Collection process. This series will touch on topics like what to know and do when you are unable to pay the full amount you owe with your tax return and the steps that follow to maintain good standing with the IRS. 

We'll begin our series with a hypothetical scenario: You filed your 2012 tax return on time but you were unable to pay the full amount you owed with your return. 

So, what's next? Since you did not pay the full amount due with your tax return, the IRS will begin what is known as their collection process. This collection process begins with a written notice of the amount you owe that is mailed to you. This is also known as an official bill from the IRS. 

Your bill will demand payment in full for your 2012 tax. But wait - what if you still can't pay the full amount of tax due? Stay tuned for Step 2 in our Denver Tax Topics in IRS Collections.

At Bloch Rothman & Associates, we are here to help assist you in this type of tax collection process. We handle everything from IRS Audits & Collections, to Denver tax preparation and Denver bookkeeping and payroll services.  Call Today: 303.321.7160