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Reasons why people get behind with the IRS

There are many reasons why people owe money to the IRS. The main theme in all of them seems to be a change in one's life. That may be going from boyhood to adulthood, a death, a disability, a serious illness, or debt. How you got into it doesn't matter, what does matter is that our experienced Denver tax professionals at Bloch Rothman and Associates can help you get out of it.

We have helped many Denver area residents before you, and we will continue to help people in the future with IRS debt. Over the next series of blogs, I will be talking about the four strategies to help people with IRS collection problems. They are payment plans under $50,000 owed, payment plans over $50,000 owed, offer in compromises, and uncollectible status.

If you are behind with the IRS, do not hestitate to call Bloch Rothman and Associates today - we are professional Denver accountants who are here to help you.