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A True IRS Story

This story was told to me by the person who taught my specialty in tax controversy certificate course. He later went on to write the manual for the IRS on how to audit people. He joined the IRS in the 1960s and one of his first jobs was to be part of a sting operation.

If I remember correctly, this took place in the 1960s when the IRS was much different. He told us that he was stationed outside a theater that was showing a championship boxing match on the screen. Sunny Liston may have been one of the fighters. The other fighter was from another country and he had vowed not pay taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. The Internal Revenue Service was not happy with this decision. As soon as the fight began, the Internal Revenue Service took over all the box offices at the theaters and took their share of the revenue first. This took place in multiple places throughout America wherever this boxing match was being shown.

I don't know if the IRS would do that today, but they would secure their stake some other way.

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