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Denver Accountant - Bloch, Rothman & Associates is Hiring!

JOB TITLE:                          ACCOUNTANT
JOB DESCRIPTION:                      
Prepare annual and quarterly individual, corporate and partnership federal and state income tax returns using current computer technology, including ATX tax software, QuickBooks software, and other professional software.  Ability to analyze financial information, prepare financial reports to determine and maintain record of assets and financial transactions for clients; develop, implement, and improve recordkeeping, accounting and payroll managing systems for business clients; analyze and reconcile bank statements, financial statements or other financial reports to access accuracy, completeness and conformance to reporting and procedural standards;  provide internal and external auditing services including updating and preparing trial balance, profit-and-loss statements and balance sheets; communicate and advise clients in areas such as compensation, the design of accounting data processing systems, and tax preparation plans; and liaise with the IRS as well as the local tax authority to solve client’s varying tax issues.
JOB REQUIREMENT(S):              Masters Degree in Business Administration, Accounting and Taxation
JOB LOCATION:                           Denver, CO