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The Beginning & End of an IRS Audit

I recently spent one of my mornings with an IRS agent. We were representing yet another client at Bloch, Rothman & Associates who is being audited for their business and personal tax returns for 2010 and 2011.

Our client had already received the final report from the IRS and owed lots of money.  However, they hired us, experienced Denver accountants Bloch, Rothman & Associates, to make the situation better.

Interesting enough, I received a call from the IRS agent the day after they went back to work after the government shutdown. I then set up an appointment with the IRS agent.  I think the agent was ready to end the case because it has been open now for around one year.  We looked at all the numbers. I looked at all the receipts, and it appears the agent was giving them more than a fair shake on their income and expenses.  

We had a disagreement as to the amount of taxes that were charged for the client's salary. The agent wanted to charge all of the profit as salary and to make them pay Social Security and Medicare tax on a much larger number.  This amounts to thousands of dollars for our client.

It all ended with the agent and I shaking hands on an agreement that I thought my client would approve of and he thought his manager would approve of.  This will save my client many thousands of dollars.

I had never met this particular IRS agent before, but he somewhat knew me before he came here.  I have worked numerous times with numerous cases with his manager.  This also means that I've worked many cases with many of his coworkers as well.  The agent knew what I was going to argue before he showed up, and came here ready to compromise.

Don't trust your IRS audit with somebody who does it occasionally and doesn't know the process.  Besides helping clients through audits for more than 25 years, the of CEO Bloch Rothman and Associates, Richard Rothman, received his specialty in tax controversies from the National Center for Professional Education, Inc. in 2011.  

Even if your IRS audit is already going on and you’re currently being represented by another Denver accountant, we can answer any questions you might have. We offer totally free IRS audit consultations. Call an experienced Denver accountant who can help. Call Bloch, Rothman & Associates today at (303) 321-7160.