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Think Like a CPA

According a recent opinion piece we read in The New York Times, more Americans should start thinking like CPAs. You can read the full article here at the New York Times. We felt like this was worth sharing with our website visitors. 

The author of the article argues that very few Americans are knowledage about finance, basic accounting, or even know what a balance sheet is. He goes on to speak of double-entry accounting as a tool to help average citizens understand the "nuts and bolts" of finance.

The author speaks about those in history, such as the Italians, Dutch, and even Benjamin Franklin, who used accounting for their income and expenditures. 

His argument ends that if our population was more well-versed in accounting, it could help solve financial crises and issues we often face, as well as increase accountability - the word from which "accounting" was derived.

Whether you know basic accounting or not, At Bloch, Rothman & Associates, LTD. in Denver, we believe there should be importance placed on the understanding of your finances and keeping track of basic income and expenditures. However, we understand often times these issues can become complex, complicated, and confusing. That's why we're here to help with any of those questions. Call a professional Denver accountant today at (303) 321-7160.