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Getting Ahead for 2015: Tax Tips for July

Continuing with our series on how to get ahead for your 2015 taxes, we've got great tips for July as the third quarter approaches.

For the month of July: July is a great time to consider a mid-year review of all of your investments and savings. Also spend some time rebalancing and taking a look at your investment portfolio if you need to. This will help you to see where you stand in regard to capital gains by year end. If you need some more information on capital gains and if they apply to you, please read our last post - What Are Capital Gains?

July is also a great time to go ahead and make an appointment with us, professional Denver accountants, Bloch, Rothman & Associates, LTD. As Denver tax experts, we often provide reports to our clients at mid-year for review. This helps to aid in conversations with our clients about where they stand for next year's tax bill. 

Call us today and get ahead for 2015: (303) 321-7160.