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Important Tax Deadlines for the 2015 Filing Season

The 2015 tax filing season is nearly underway, and there are a number of important deadline dates to keep in mind in order to make sure the season is as stress free as possible and to avoid late penalties!
  • February 2 - 2014 W-2 statements must be provided to employees. 1099 statements must be furnished as well.
  • February 2 - Employers must file 2014 federal unemployment tax returns and pay any tax due
  • March 2 - Employers need to send copies of W-2 forms to the Social Security Administration by this day
  • March 16 - Corportate income tax filing deadline
  • April 15 - Individual income tax filing deadline
These are some of the major upcoming deadlines, but remember, every situation is different, so give our Denver tax office a call to discuss your personal tax situation and we will work with you to maximize your refund and make sure your paperwork is filed by the appropriate deadlines.