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Due Dates for Property Taxes

If you are a business property owner or own any real estate in Denver, you have some options for paying your property taxes this tax season. There are some allowances that you could take advantage of that you may not be aware of. Split payments are possible – as long as you meet the due dates. Here are some dates to remember that could ease your pocketbook if you plan ahead for filing taxes in Denver.
  • Feb 28th – The first portion (half) of your property tax payment is due
  • June 15th – The remainder of your amount is due
  • April 30th – The full amount (if paying in full) is due
Some other options are available, but it is best to work with a tax professional in Denver to make sure you take the appropriate measures. If you would like to pay your property tax at the end of the year (December) – paying the amount paid in the previous year is a good place to start. Check back with your Denver accountant to make sure you do not owe anything further after the New Year.

Always play it safe when dealing with complicated taxes, hire tax professionals in Denver to ensure you file correctly.