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Tax Deductions to Remember from Your Denver Accountant

Although many states have strange tax laws, placing a tariff on items like candy, blueberries, or belt buckles - it can sometimes speak to their major industries. Tax deductions, on the other hand, can prove substantial at times, especially if you know of deductions associated with your doctor. Your Denver tax professionals can help find and advise you of all necessary deductions on your 2015 taxes. Here are some lesser known deductions:

  • Doctor Prescribed Services: If you suffer from a disease or injury that requires any type of prescribed activity, consider it a deduction. Whether you have cosmetic surgery after a major accident or injury, hair loss, or any diagnosed malady - your measures for treatment might be a deduction when filing your Denver taxes.
  • Work Uniforms: With a job in any type of service, whether medical, governmental, or industrial, if your uniform does not come provided to you - it’s a possible deduction. Contact your Denver accountant to see if your uniform or work attire qualifies as an exemption.