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Are You Paying Too Much Property Tax?

Buying a home is a huge expense but what most people don’t take into consideration is the second biggest expense when buying a home. Did you know that 30-60% taxable property is being over-assessed? That means there’s a good chance that you’re paying more than your share.

How do you lower this?

Fewer than 5% of home owners appeal their assessment. Do you think that your home is over assessed? Do you think that they have the correct data? Sometimes, square footage, size of garage, or number of bathrooms is reported incorrectly. This means that there may be worth appealing your home may be a money saving opportunity for you.

The burden of proof is on you, the homeowner, to provide the reasons why your property is worth more or less. However, you should be wary that your tax may go up with a property tax appeal if your house is actually worth more than you previously thought. Bloch, Rothman and Associates have been very successful in appealing Denver property values and have saved our clients thousands of dollars.

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