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How a Denver Tax Specialist Can Help with Tax Litigation

July 5, 2017

When it comes to dealing with taxes, there are many things along the way that can come up. This is especially true for the self-employed or contractors, but there can be follow-ups by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for anyone. Whenever there is a dispute on taxes for any reason, the IRS will want to investigate further. This is known as tax litigation. Learn more about what tax litigation is, reasons to get help from a Denver tax specialist and other common outcomes that happen:

What is Tax Litigation?

Whenever there is a dispute or discrepancy on taxes that is taken to court, whether it be for a person or business, this is what is known as tax litigation. It begins with an audit by the IRS of an individual or business.

Once this occurs, additional documents and attention will be brought to a certain tax case. Tax litigation can occur both on a state or federal level. The IRS will want to take a fine comb over all your finances to look for various things such as gift taxes.


Reasons to Get Representation

When it comes to making sure your tax litigation case is resolved correctly and quickly, it is best to work with a tax specialist. They have all the go-to information to review your case and help you prepare everything you need when working with the IRS. They are your advocate that will help you along the way.

A tax specialist will also help you create a case if you are unable to pay an amount the IRS is requiring, settling unpaid debts and more. For many, they believe everything the IRS says and does is the final solution. This is not always the case. This is way it is crucial to have a premier tax specialist on your side to walk you through the tax litigation process.


Common Outcomes

During tax litigation, there are four things that can happen. The first? Nothing. Your case will be reviewed and filed away.

Another outcome that can occur is when you and the IRS come to an agreement on payment terms.

Third, you and the IRS may come to a partial agreement where you will pay certain expenses. Last, you might completely agree with the IRS findings and pay a certain amount. To help make sure your case is fair, make sure you have a local tax specialist working with you on your tax litigation case.

Have you been contacted by the IRS? Are you trying to decipher how to handle a tax litigation case or IRS audit? Bloch, Rothman and Associates is here to help. When it comes to any of your tax litigation needs, from audits and appeals to collections or forensic accounting, we are your top tax agency. Our quality service will help you every step of the way to make the process as seamless as possible. If you have been contacted by the IRS, it is also important to know your taxpayer bill of rights explained by your Denver tax specialist. To get started, contact us at 303-321-7160.