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Bookkeeping Services in Denver

With our expert knowledge and expertise using bookkeeping computer programs, such as QuickBooks, our Denver accounting professionals can create a structure for you to keep track of all your financial dealings. We can help you track exactly how much your customers owe you, prepare invoices and statements, project your cash flow, track how much you owe, give you an instant report of your tax-related income and expenses, and let you know how much money you've made and spent in a year.

In addition, our Denver accountants offer full payroll processing. We can provide preparation of all forms and returns relating to payroll and payroll taxes, including sales tax, head tax, state and federal withholding taxes (social security, Medicare, income tax, unemployment, and workers compensation), W-2's, W-3's, and 1099's. These services can be a part of a complete package including bookkeeping and year-end tax preparation, or they can be provided separately.

We can also assist you in filing sales tax. Out of all 50 states, Colorado"s sales and use taxes are considered the most difficult in the entire country. This is because of what is referred to as “Home Rules." Many taxpayers need to fill out multiple forms from multiple jurisdictions. For some taxpayers, this needs to be done every month and can take tremendous amounts of time for most companies. Being out of compliance can be very costly in the form of added penalties and interests.

Let Bloch, Rothman and Associates in Denver relieve you of this burden of doing bookkeeping, payroll and sales tax so that you can spend your time with profitable endeavors. We can keep you in compliance with the state and local governments and provide peace of mind. Call today for a free consultation and quote on what Bloch, Rothman and Associates can do for you.

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