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What is it like to be in an IRS audit?

An IRS Audit is stressful and terrifying. An IRS audit begins when the taxpayer receives a letter from the IRS stating that their tax return for a given year, (usually 1 to 2 years in the past) will be audited. Audits are intimidating and can last an average of 2 months to 18 months. During that time, your life will be filled with periods of waiting for the IRS to get back to you and periods of quickly gathering information in a panic. Almost all of audits conclude with the taxpayer owing additional money with interest and penalties to the IRS.

The IRS uses 3 different ways to audit taxpayers. The least obtrusive one is the correspondence audit. These audits take place by mail and telephone conversations. Correspondent audits usually center on a handful of items. If you are unable to prove these with receipts and cancelled checks, they expand to more items and more years.

The next type of IRS audit is the office audit. You go to the IRS office with all of your bank statements and receipts. You will need to and prove to the friendly IRS examiner that your return is accurate and why your write offs are allowed. This is extremely stressful for most people. With the Denver accounting and audit services of Bloch, Rothman and Assoc. Ltd., you will never need to meet with anyone from the IRS. We do it all for you.

The last and most intrusive type of audit is the field audit. This is when an auditor will visit your home or place of business, sometime for days, and snoop around. Prevent this possibility by hiring Bloch, Rothman and Assoc. Ltd in Denver. The IRS will visit our office instead of visiting you and we will handle it for you. 

There are many reasons to hire a Denver tax professional to handle your IRS audit rather than do it yourself. Most IRS agents are trained extensively to find extra income and disallow deductions. These expert interrogators know what questions to ask to open up more subjects over more years. Most of the time, our clients never meet the IRS agent. That way the auditor never has the opportunity to interrogate you. Our Denver accounting team, led by Richard Rothman, has been representing clients in audits for over 20 years. Richard holds a Specialty in Tax Controversy from the prestigious National Center for Professional Education. Our Denver accounting firm knows and possesses the IRS audit manuals, which means we know what is going to happen before it does.

Let Bloch, Rothman and Associates help you with your Denver audit issues before it is too late. Contact us to schedule a free consultation about an IRS audit. 

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