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Denver Tax Return Scams To Watch

November 4, 2022

Most every adult in the United States is responsible for filing their taxes on an annual basis. This fact, combined with the amount of information being shared and an uneasiness about reporting everything correctly, creates the perfect storm for individuals looking to profit off a scam. Advances in technology have helped to protect taxpayers, but the same growth has also boosted capabilities for those hoping to take advantage of others. Computer and phone hacks to access information have provided criminals an opportunity to create situations which can cause a victim to feel uneasy and panic - resulting in funds being incorrectly transferred. Today, even voice software is being used to mimic someone you may actually know.

Consumers lost $5.8 billion to fraud last year and the numbers have continuously been rising. In order to remain protected, please know the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not initiate contact with any individual via the phone as a primary source. Mostly all correspondence regarding your tax return or any filings will take place via the US Postal Service with a letter or notice of any discrepancy. However, that hasn’t kept those looking to rip you off from attempting a variety of different methods, hoping to find their next victim.
Phone Call

Many individuals comply with a requestors phone call looking to confirm account information or receive funds when the person on the other end knows specific details of your filings or profession. While many can avoid being a victim when there are general requests being issued, things do get tricky should the person bring up a next of kin, refund amount, or actual on-going issue with the IRS. However, if you haven’t requested a phone call from an agent, the best thing to do is not comply and seek professional assistance.

Phishing Email

Scammers are also now utilizing phishing emails in order to gain access to a person’s device or for gathering further information. These emails may initially appear to be from a reliable source, but again, if you haven’t had any correspondence with the IRS, then an email is never going to be their first method of contact.

Text Alert

It didn’t take long for these fraud activities to target mobile phone devices. Since many people now receive a variety of information via text, while also carrying tons of information on their mobile phone, it makes sense hackers would attempt to infiltrate these personal devices via a messaging service. Be sure to report any unusual activity and avoid clicking on links or responding to unknown sources.


Seeking the help of a tax professional should be one of the first actions taken if you believe a scammer has attempted to take advantage of your situation. Ultimately, law enforcement may need to be involved, but knowing how to avoid a scam and who should be in correspondence with the IRS - if needed - can help to avoid having your information and bank account compromised. 

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